Building The Developing World From The Ground Up.

Everything Starts With Health.
Our track record in the medical industry has allowed us to build, equip and operate medical facilities with international standards.

In addition we provide technical solutions to major urban infrastructure developments and power projects world wide.

"Let Us Know How We Can Help You"


We focus on commercial real estate that is health centric. We also provide International consultations to Hospital Builders around the world.


For medical professional we believe in housing projects that can help them feel integrated. Our building philosophy centers around affordability and sustainability.


Our primary mission is to turn key clinical facilities of international standard and provide incentives to educate and provide jobs for local professionals.


We provide Rapid Diagnostics to Hospitals and Laboratories world wide as the first touch point in detecting and diagnosing diseases.


Our dedication to improving the quality of human life, has allowed us to invest and manufacture technologies for disease prevention.

Research and

The goal is to continue the progression of in vitro diagnostic lateral flow test, and continue to find alternative in the market of disease diagnosis and analyte detection.


The Distribution of energy is a big problem in developing countries with inadequate transmission lines and strorage. Our solution is investing in scalable energy storage, with more refined controls and smart meters. This way we ensure power stays on 24/7.


Clean energy means a brighter future for us all. By minimizing our carbon footprints, we can also insure that the reduction of green house gases will lead to healthier lives. We are looking at alternatives to energy generation, and work steadily with emerging technologies without compromises.

Machine Vision

Our goal is to build smarter infrastructure, health and power projects. To maintain higher standards we also need smarter tools. Machine vision is the use of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality to solve some of the biggest challenges that face our industries today.