Our Services are dedicated to improve Healthcare, Shelter and Nutrition!


Health Care

"Our track record in the medical industry has allowed us to build, operate and equip medical facilities with international standards."



"We provide technical solutions to major urban infrastructure developments."



"Our mission is to build sustainable communities and create new initiatives for public health."

Company Profile

CLINOTECH Group Canada (CLINOTECH) is a Canadian Group of Companies primarily engaged in improved Healthcare Delivery, Urban and Infrastructural Development, Execution and Management of Turn-key Projects.

CLINOTECH does Engineering Designs and Construction works, builds, equips and manages Hospitals, develops new districts and cities building Mass Housing, Schools, Commercial and Utility Centers, Shopping Malls and Markets, Industrial Parks, Hotels and Recreational Centers. We construct road networks and special Service Lanes for Mass Transportation as well as build Waste Transfer Stations and Dumpsites for both Solid and Medical Waste Management.

Our Major Services in Healthcare include Administration and Operations of Medical facilities, Hospital Feasibility and Business Plan Development, Project Management, Pre-operations and Commissioning, Hospital Accreditation and Specialized Consulting Services as well as Medical Waste Management. CLINOTECH also provides Hands-on Training for the use of Medical Equipment & Instrumentation that ensures adequate Technical Support for not only Laboratory Medicine but also for all Medical Equipment including Imaging Technology to facilitate Local Capacity Buildings in our target markets. We provide International Consultations to Hospital Builders around the world on meeting International Hospital Building Standards and Codes to achieve required Quality Control and Quality Assurance. CLINOTECH is a Lead Auditor in Hospital Accreditations and Good Hospital Management Practice being a Member of Joint Commission International (JCI).


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2016 Initiative

In the new year we plan to focus on a number of new urban development and infrastructure projects. As innovators we believe in the untapped potential of medical tourism, and building communities to improve the way we live, work and learn.


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Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism is the concept of attracting foreign patients to a geographical region. This idea also retains local patients who would have gone abroad for medical treatment. Our primary mission is to turn key clinical facilities of international standard and provide incentives to educate and provide jobs for local professionals. This in turn stimulates other industries related to the treatment and care of patients.

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Housing Projects

We are a practice dedicated to both residential and mixed-use real estate development. Our building philosophy focusses on both affordability and sustainability.

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